Welcome to Made In Birmingham

The Made in Birmingham website has been developed to include small manufacturing companies in Birmingham that are no longer in operation. If you would like to be included in this website please email Sue by clicking here. I would like to see industries celebrated through the stories of small manufacturing companies to give a personal touch.

In 2013 the Big Brum Buz took part in a tour for the Birmingham City of Culture bid. As part of this bid a festival of imaginary events was dreamed up by the people of Birmingham to celebrate our wonderful city’s achievements. One of them was the Made in Birmingham Museum – obviously many people including myself believe in this museum.

From the mighty Spitfire or Pendolino train to the revolutionary celluloid film or even the more humble Creme egg, the city’s signature products will be displayed in the Made in Birmingham Museum. On the site of the old Metro Cammel factory, the temporary museum will showcase iconic products from the industrial revolution to the modern age and cement Birmingham’s reputation as the workshop of the world. The museum will also host special performances in the spirit of Brummie innovations like lawn tennis, and pieces like Elgar’s `Dream of Gerontius’ which premiered at the Town Hall in 1900. It will include work inspired by Birmingham artists such as Tolkien, Tony Hancock and Duran Duran, amongst many other famous locals, whose imaginations have embroidered the rich artistic tapestry of the city” – Fierce